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The Ultimate Accessory for Puerto Rico

As every gamer knows, cardboard chits are lame… and for good reason too. They exist only to maximize profit for game publishers at the expense of your enjoyment.

Thanks to Mom, distinguished Governors everywhere no longer have to pay in stacks of paper coins. Fresh from the lab comes Mom’s Famous Doubloons! The ultimate accessory for Puerto Rico or wherever piratey coins are needed!

“Add a new dimension to your game.”

“They are basically the same right? /sarcasm”

Awesome Features

Clinking Technology

Handling your doubloons will reward you with the satisfying clinks that only real metal coins can provide.

Grime Resistant

Unlike cardboard our coins are able to stand up against the grimiest of your friends fingers (every game group has one)!

Antique Finish

You could scour the bottom of the Caribbean in search of lost doubloons or you can just looklike you did.


The seafaring Spaniards never used paper coins. Why should you? If hidden in a chest under the sea our coins will still be able to be enjoyed by future generations.

Made in America

What can be more American than Spanish Doubloons? From raw material to minting our coins are a product of the industrial might of Rhode Island!

Free UPS Shipping

Not really a feature but it sure is awesome to get your stuff faster and with a tracking number. If only you could use UPS to deliver your extra barrels of indigo…

“How do your paper coins stack up?”

“You have to sell a lot of coffee to get a mound like that.”

Additional Information

What you’ll get

  • 40 Small silver coins & 10 large gold coins. That’s right, each set contains a whopping 50 coins! That is more than enough to cover a 5 player game comfortably.
  • Free Shipping.
  • The envy of your friends.


We are offering free shipping within the mainland United States and Canada ($10 value). International orders will receive a discount of equivalent value but will need to pay the difference. International buyers may request shipment using unregistered mail (free).

“Look epic even if your coffers don’t!”